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Stage 1: Denial 

You lock yourself in your room and refuse to come out. Not until he comes and begs you 

to take him back. Even though he broke your heart when he left, you will Take Him 

Back. You will because you Love Each Other even if he can’t see that right now. Men are 

stupid. They don’t know what they have until they have lost it forever. You smile smugly 

when you think of the moment he will realize he can’t live without you and would come 

crawling back, groveling on his knees. You’ll act nonchalant even though you know you 

forgive him. But you’ll let him grovel and treat him like shit for a while. To get back at 

him. After all he broke your heart. It’s enough of a miracle that you don’t want to break 

his face. You promised him that you will be Together Forever and that is how it will be. 

Men, you sigh. They need to act crazy and rebellious at some point being afraid of 

commitment. But he will come back because you Love Each Other and will be Together 


Stage 2: Anger 

Days pass. Slowly. You wait for him to show up at your doorstep. You imagine him 

looking like crap: tears streaming down his face, wearing sweatpants (which he only did 

when he was really sad, like that one time when his favorite team lost some football 

match). You remember you had made him hot chocolate that day, complete with 

marshmallows arranged in a smiley face. You had caressed him to sleep. You know you 

have been a good girlfriend. So what if you insist on being in touch all the time and 

saying ’I love you’ after every conversation. You read in a self help book on relationships 

that saying ’I love you’ every time you talked to your other half was a Positive 

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