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                       Dynasty politics in Pakistan is ruining every notion of democracy and is resulting in massive-scale corruption, bad governance and a lot of other ills. By dynasty politics it is meant that the major political parties are effectively controlled by families, generation after generation, with no real democracy existing within the parties. The family name is considered to be more effective than the party’s manifesto.

    The root of dynasty politics can be traced back to centuries of monarchies in the sub-continent such as Mughals, Tughliks, Khandan-e-Ghulamaan etc,. The real democracy, in the sub-continent is there only for the last hundred years, which is still free from the effect of monarchies of the last two thousand years.  A person or family may benefit from this system of governance where a few individuals progress financially and have a grab on power, which allows them to manipulate the destinies of common people. It is an ailment where partly the slave mindset of the general public has to be blamed. There is a great deal of fascination involved with the high and the mighty.
    Pakistan in particular has seen a lot of brands of democracies. Politicians rue about the negative role of military in power where the military dictator grabs power and introduces his brand of democracy. In reality, the politicians are no different, when the major political parties are practically ruled by families.  Party tickets are issued by an individual, which leaves little room for dissent. Some credible politicians are always inducted in the ranks of the party for the sake of credibility but they are more or less sidelined or do not have any say in the policy making once the elections are over and the party is in power. Parties in Pakistan are becoming more and more like cults where there is a king of the party and his set of admirers ruling the party and consequently the country. There are either military dictators or civilian dictators in the form of party leaders, in power.

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