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In this research paper, I want to explore the reasons for spreading HIV/AIDS and difficulties faced by HIV/AIDS patients in Pakistan.  For this research I have reviewed the published and second hand literature to obtain the available data on HIV/AIDS in Pakistan. I have searched the electronic databases and read the books provided by LUMS Library. I picked this topic i.e. HIV/AIDS, because people feel reluctant in talking about such diseases and there is a social taboo that patients of AIDS must have done illicit sexual discourse and are thus socially shunned by the relatives and friends. Also, this virus is a recently spread one in Pakistan and mostly people are unaware of this disease and feel fear in discussing sex related topics with families and life partners. In the end, I would tell that what are those difficulties and how those difficulties can be overcome and government and non-government organizations can provide an appropriate treatment to the Pakistani people.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a virus which attacks on the immune system of the individual and makes it so weak that it cannot resist the weakest attack by any germ or bacteria and leads to the death of that individual. HIV can spread through the use of contaminated syringes, blades, improper screened blood transfusion, unprotected sex with male (MSW, HSW)or female and also from an infected mother to child and infected husband to the wife. (Altaf, Abbas, Zaheer; 2008).

HIV/AIDS in Pakistan carries a negative connotation and people think that AIDS can only be spread through illegal sex and thus are reluctant in discussing sexual health issues in open because of the social taboo. Being a Muslim country, people in Pakistan consider sex a big fault in religious terms, HIV is mostly considered in Pakistan caused through illicit sexual discourse which makes people reluctant to share their views and even patients from seeking the treatment. This helped the virus in spreading more easily through the community and effected many people in Pakistan.

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