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          Female Suicide Bombing: A global trend
Skaine, Rosemarie. “Female Suicide Bombers”. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2006. Print.
Sharpe, Mary. Suicide Bombers: the Psychological, Religious and Other Imperatives. Amsterdam, Netherlands: IOS, 2008. Print.

                     Terrorism is becoming a widely growing concern and problem for both the general public and the counterterrorism specialists. It has grasped the whole world into a state of terror. World powers are struggling hard to eliminate it or even contain it to a certain region. The terrorist organizations are inventing newer techniques of fighting to disseminate their cause and campaign. Suicide bombing has become a big weapon for them to spread their movement. Suicide bombings were generally carried out by men but recently women have also joined in this army, creating more troubles and worries for the world.
In the contemporary world literature, a little has been written on the topic of female suicide bombers though it is not a new phenomenon. Mia Bloom, a Canadian expert on terrorism and a political analyst of Middle East countries, has written a great piece of work on the female suicide bombers. In this article, she raises the issue of involvement of female suicide bombers in violence and conflicts around the world. The writer looks into the psyche of these female bombers and their real intentions and motives to get involved in this kind of act. She points out the factors that make them perform this so called courageous deed. She explains that how the engagement of women changes the cultural norms of a society. She examines why in the presence of so many men the need for women to sacrifice themselves emerges. She writes how some of the women are exploited in the name of religion, nationalism and for the better future by the terrorist organizations. She analyses that what drives a weak, meager, nonviolent nature and emotional woman to carry out such a daring job. Why a patriarchal society dominated by men allows them to do this task on behalf of men.

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