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Going to the mosque for the eid prayers, my mind was occupied with the fear of losing my life to a suicide attack. I know that the previous generations did not have to face this fear. Mosque is holy place for all the muslims. Yet, we find muslims blowing themselves to kill other muslims while they are offering their prayers. Today, lack of security has become a reality and no place inside Pakistan is safe. Children going to school, women going for shopping, families going out for dinner and people gathering in a crowd, seems like a myth these days. Now, who am I? I am a common man in Pakistan. What have I done that I am being targeted? I think I am innocent and I don’t deserve this fear. Why these people are trying to kill innocent people? What compels them to do so? What are the conditions urging them to do so? These are some questions that need some answers. First, we need to know the motivation behind these kinds of attacks? What was the purpose of suicide bombing when it started? What is the purpose of suicide bombing now?

                           The advent of suicide attack in modern history can be traced by to World War 2. Japanese were the first to use suicide bombers but their mode was different. Japan was losing the battle so they started to sand planes full of explosives and they use to hit American military. First attack done by Japan was on US carrier Bunker Hill and that was the best known attack that killed 372 American soldiers. It was done on May 11, 1945. This was a war tactic. Suicide bombing in guerilla warfare first started in Srilanka. These attacks were done by rebels named as Tamil Tigers. They used women in those attacks. One such attack killed a Former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Another big incident was of Srilankan President Ranasonghe Premadosa, falling victim to a suicide bomber.

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                 On hearing the title of movie ‘Khuda Kay Liye’ the first thing that strikes one’s mind is that the movie might be about the cruelties faced by the subject and their appeal for mercy. But after watching the movie, one gives up the literal meaning of the name “Khuda Kay Liye” because it shows a different version of Islam and the Muslims and negates the western misperception about Islam and Muslims.

Khuda Kay Liye was released on July 20, 2007. It cast Shaan as Mansoor, Fawad Afzal Khan as Sarmad, Iman Ali as Maryam/Mary, Naseeruddin Shah as Maulana Wali, Austin Marie Sayre as Janie, Rasheed Naz as Maulana Tahiri, Simi Raheal as Mother of Mansoor & Sarmad, Hameed Sheikh as Sher Shah under the amazing direction of Shoaib Mansoor. It is the second highest grossing movie of Pakistan of all time with a gross of over $10 million. The movie’s success can be estimated by the fact that it won “Best film” awards in Lux Style Awards 2008, Roberto Rossellini Awards and Fukuoka Audience Awards (Khuda).

                             The nucleus of the movie is a message portraying a moderate and enlightened version of Islam which suits to the contemporary secularized and modernized world. Although this new version of Islam is a bit controversial especially if we see it through the lens of Pakistani traditional Islamic society but overall the movie appeals to a vast and diverse audience across the globe.

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In spite of the development of modern day science like Sociology, the world is still unable to explore the mysteries about Feral Children. Feral children are the humans nurtured by wild animals instead of their human parents, some of them are deliberately confined in basements and cages or isolated from society due to some misadventures such as a conflict, War or mental abuse and some of them run away from their human parents and live on their own because of abuses. Though this is a vast topic, the article will cover its various mysteries and their importance towards child psychology and physiology.

                               Many myths, false stories and fictions have been written about feral children and many movies like Tarzan, Jungle Book, Shiver, and Feral have been released on this Topic. Ancient History has many myths about children raised by animals, but the first feral child was reported by Roman Historian Procopius .That boy was left by his parents in the wake of Gothic Wars in about 250 A.D .He was found living with a She-Goat when the survivors of the War returned to their homes .The boy was named Aegisthus. Carl Linnaeus, classified feral children as Homo-Ferens in 1758 a sub-specie of Homo-Sapien . People until 18th century believed that feral children are not reality. But many cases in the recent world came on scene such as in 1724 “Peter” or “The wild boy of Hamelin”, “Victor” was discovered in woods of Aveyron , France in 1799, “Kasper Hauser” was discovered in Nuremberg, Germany in 1828, In 1920, two young girls Kamala and Amala were discovered under the care of a She-Wolf in Godamuri, India, A girl named “Genie” who was brought to a welfare house in California on 4th November,1970 and Oxana Malaya ,who was discovered in 1991 in Ukraine . These cases suggest that feral children are not myths. 

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       Throughout the world, marriage is regarded as a moment of joy and celebration but the practice of early marriage gives no such cause for celebration. Early marriage refers to the marriage of the children aged below 18 years. Early marriage is often a forced marriage as it takes place without the consent of both the bride and bridegroom (Child marriage and Forced marriage). The imposition of a marriage partner upon a child means that a girl’s or boy’s childhood is cut short and their fundamental rights are compromised. Young girls are robbed of their youth and are required to take on roles for which they are not psychologically or physically prepared (UNICEF). Although early marriages affect both the sexes but girls have been a major victim. Its practise has inflicted harmful effects on the parties involved and also the overall society. Early marriage is everywhere considered a violation of the Human Rights and efforts are being made to beware people of its adverse effects. This research paper is intended to reveal the history of early marriages, its different causes and effects on the parties involved and in turn recommend ways to restrict, or rather eliminate, such practices. “read more”

Historically, early marriages can be traced back to the time of kings, when the size of armies determined the result of wars. The kings of the army motivated its army men to marry as soon as possible and also provided them with the young girls (prisoners of war) of age 15 to 19 to marry (Hassan). It was in these times that the concept of early marriages gained momentum as an attempt to provide as much offspring as possible to enlist in the kings’ armies that would help the king to retain the control of the area already captured and to further conquer other areas. Today, this notion remains the same in the rural areas where the strength of the family is determined by the number of male members of the family and is achieved by marrying the members of the family at an early age.

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The movie 3 idiots in its true sense was a genuine Bollywood masterpiece drawing one’s attention to the most sensitive issue faced by the academic world today that is greater expectations and output demanded by parents and teachers from students. The movie mostly addresses the critical issues and flaws in the academic system of India and demands a remarkable and effective change in the educational structure of the country. Although there are no major flaws in the movie but my critical essay will mainly deal with the most controversial part of that movie that is the public message that the movie conveys and its impact on the youth.

                                   The movie by virtue of its message and script can be called as a movie especially for youth or young generation. The user rating it got from IMDB site (which is considered as the most authentic unofficial site for user ratings) was mostly from the people below 25 years but this does not restrict it from attracting the adult or senior section of the society mostly parents and teachers. “read more”

                                                               The first message that the movie conveys to its audience is “All is well”. The approach or the philosophy to which the movie adheres to tries to oversimplify the meaning and purpose of life and suggests a pathetic and impractical path to face hardship and sufferings in life. Life is not a bed of roses or a simple puzzle that can be solved by applying a single formula. Like in the movie when the characters are stuck in any trouble they just say “All is well” and the trouble vanishes.

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