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The article “A dangerous new world of drones” is written by “Peter Bergen” and “Jennifer Rowland”. “Peter Bergen, CNN's national security analyst, is director of the national security studies program at the New America Foundation while Jennifer Rowland is a program associate at the New America Foundation.” (Bergen). In this article the authors have discussed the phenomenon of proliferation of drone technology and have tried to highlight its impacts on the today’s scenario of the world. The arguments are well framed and quantitative information have been presented to back up these arguments by providing statistical data.

Authors are of the view that the drone technology is being proliferated very rapidly in the countries around the globe. Eradicating U.S monopoly of the last decade over this technology, today about 70 countries possess some kind of drones.U.S started this technology and launched it for the first time in their “war against terror” in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The underlying point in this article is that there must be an international framework on the issues of drone technology because of its highly disastrous impacts onthe world order. As many other countries too have established their motives to use the technology against their rivals in the near future and have provided their own justifications for its use, such as China announced that it would target the islands in the South China Sea with drones. These islands are under the control of Japan but China and Taiwan both are claimants of them. Authors think that use of drones by U.S has set a trend for other countries and without an international framework it won’t be possible to stop them from doing so.

U.S tries to justify the use of drone technology in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen by terming it the most essential tool to uproot the menace of terrorism and extremism there. U.S started targeting certain areas of these countries through the drones after the 9/11 attacks. In this article, light has been shed upon the underlying concern that the other countries will also use the same technique adopted by U.Sto justify their use of drones in other parts of the world. Authors provide examples to this fact. It has been said that taking same approach soon India can exercise the use of drones in Kashmir by providing the justification that suspected terrorists have been tried to target. Similarly Iran can attack the borders of Pakistan and target the Baloch nationalists and China has already established the threat discussed in the above paragraph.
Moreover, the writers highlight another one of the most alarming factors for the need of an international framework on the issue of drone technology that is the collateral damages associated with the drone strikes. A significant number of innocent civilians have been killed over the last eight years in these attacks. As Dr. Azeem Ibrahim who is Research Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School’s International Security Program, said in his article “Drones and Collateral Damage”:“In the past eight years, drone strikes by the CIA have killed more than 2,400 people in Pakistan including 479 civilians, according to the London Bureau for Investigative Journalism.”The drones cannot distinguish between the innocent civilians and the criminals and for the reason at times these attacks results in severe casualties of the civilians. Lives of a large number of children and young adults have been ruined in these strikes by compelling them to live paralyzed lives. This fact indeed is putting a huge burden on the social and economic context of Pakistan.
  It is a matter of fact that the terrorism in Pak-Afghan belt is an ultimate threat to the peace of the whole world and war against terror has become extremely necessarybut in the meanwhile there is an intense need for reviewing the strategic framework of this war. These drone attacks have been sowing the seeds of deep hatred and distrust in the hearts of the common civilians of these nations. A survey predicts that only 17 percent of the people of Pakistan are in the favor of these attacks. Majority of the people of Pakistan have reservations on these drones and term these as airspace violation of the Pakistani boundaries and in turn attack on their sovereignty. Moreover, it is an acknowledgeable truth that the U.S has been contributing significantly towards the war against terror but it is also an ultimate reality that the increased intensity of collateral damage has been terming it morally unjust. The fundamental cause of the war against terror can be achieved without these drone attacks. One of the solutions is to transfer this technology to Pakistan. This will result in less collateral damage because the interior agencies of the country often have more insight into the people and their activities residing inside the country and so the probability of targeting the innocent people will be reduced to a much extent. Additionally the reservation of the people of Pakistan that the drones are an attack on their sovereignty will also be addressed.

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Written By: Muhammad Azhar Khan

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