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                Khamosh Paani is a movie primarily set in 80’s, during Zia’s regime, in the Punjab region of Pakistan, briefly traveling between different time zones. It is about a community facing the oppression of a military dictator, communist-capitalist war of ideas, poverty and disorientation.The partition of Indian-subcontinent was indeed a tyranny for women. They were savaged, killed, raped, killed by their own family member to save honor, forced to do suicide again to save honor and traded. The central character is of  a Sikh women later named Ayesha  snatched from her family during the partition riots, had no choice but to marry a muslim in the Muslims-dominated Pakistan, had a child named Saleem and ironically she ends up teaching Quran to Muslim kids four decades after partition. Her kid grows up in love for a girl his mother is very fond of. Things are rosy till Zia-ul-Haq comes up with his brand of Islam in a country that is marred by a failing economy and a fairly young environment which turns from secular to so-called Islamic in the space of ten years of Jihad against Soviets. The life of Saleem follows the pattern of a typical lower middle class youth of a country struggling with religion and geo-politics. It was indeed no wonder when young Saleem who had fallen head over heels for Ayesha found solace in the extreme ideology of religion and a confused lifestyle. It is not only a look at personal lives of some individuals in difficult circumstances but it is also a commentary on the absurd government controlled religious propaganda radicalizing Pakistan It was interestingly part of the narrative how the young boy changed from a romantic lover to a radical cleric who was serving a higher purpose and had no space of love in his life. The same people with beards, the boy made fun of, gradually fascinated him with their lofty ideas. The flamboyance and energy of the youth turned a corner and started serving something which was beyond comprehension. A woman is forced to marry and a woman decides not to marry in a space of 60 years, from partition to one dictatorship and to another dictatorship, the movie was indeed ironic to begin with and to end up. It also shows hypocretic character of “chaudry “(land lord of certain area) . Movie shows that landlord is allowed to do his anti-islamic activities ; like watching mujra (girl dance show)  at his place . The next day  the Land lard addresses people and ask them that you people are deviating from Islam and there are some people sent by government to preach you, people are expected to follow their teachings.It shows that purpose of the Government was not to implement Islam in the whole country but purpose was to gather people. This movie also shows that the women were very much effected by new ruling. The movie beautiful portrays different basic human emotions like love, hate, anger, anxiety and confusion. It succeeds in touching upon a difficult time in the history of Pakistan.   

    Khamosh Paani is a film having a fictional story based on the true events that changed the course of history for Pakistan during the 80’s era when a military dictator toppled a civilian government. The events that followed included soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Pakistan and U.S.A joined hands to counter the spread of communism through introducing a Jihadi ideology in Pakistan. The military dictator Zia-ul-haq suited the needs of this new policy shift. Until then the ‘Mullahs’ were in the back seat just concentrating on religious education of the population. This new policy shift pushed them to the driving seat where they were handed the task of introducing the youth to the ‘jihadi brand of Islam’.    

      It is also the story of disoriented and disgruntled youth looking for a higher purpose in life. Zia was deemed as some kind of holy savior of the only country founded on the name of Islam or such is the prevalent perception. Saudi money was pumped in and a parallel system of education i.e., Madrassah system was set across the country. People were sold the idea of radical islam in the name of global domination of islam, renaissance of the glorious past and exit from, evil and failing capitalist economy. Poor People found it logical to donate one or two kids of theirs to madrassas, some respite from the poverty and a service to Islam; killing two birds with one stone that is to say.In the reign of dictatorship of Zia-ul-haq there were few historical which were changed.for example actually Mohammad Ali Jinnah ideology was secular. Zia-ul-Haq removed secular tag from the ideology of Pakistan and presented Islam as the actual reason of creation of Pakistan. Mohammad Ali Jinnah first speech as Governer general of Pakistan was wrongly quoted. Zia-ul-Haq showed Mohammad Ali Jinnah as a upholder of Islam. Zia-ul-haq also spread that Islamic character was as important as security of  Pakistan was. Zia’s Islamization was actual turn of islam towards voilence. There was no tolerance when some work is about islam.  Women were victimized by these new so called Islamic laws. Women were intolerated in any case,if its against the Islam. 
                  Dr Javed Iqbal said about the ruling of Zia-ul-haq in his book “Islam and Pakistan’s Identity” that “Zia’s Islamization was based on personal restrictive interpretation of Shariah Laws and it was never subjected to Ijtehad in the parliament. The bulk of Islamic criminal legislation was merely decorative or cosmetic. These laws done nothing but worsened the conditions of women who were victimized under these laws. In brief, the form of Islamization introduced by Zia was a complete departure from the interpretation of Islam favoured by founding fathers of Pakistan. It disseminated intolerance and sectarianism which increased to such an extent,that the rival group of sectarian terrorist did not hesitate to slaughter their fellow muslims even while they were praying in mosque”
             In short Zia’s take over and execution of Bhutto was another setback to the democracy in Pakistan. Zia made changes in the constitution which were suitable to him. Major change in constitution was that president had powers to dismiss prime minister. In this way he took over all the powers from the prime minister. Military was supreme compared to parliament in Zia’s era.

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