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                  In the current miserable corrupt political environment and quagmire of exploitations in Pakistan, no doubt almost everybody explicitly or implicitly desires for a political change that might hopefully also become a favorable fortune change for the people of Pakistan. In this quagmire, a very prominent name stirring a boat with a tag named "CHANGE" is Imran Khan, the former champion cricket team captain famously known as KAPTAAN. And surely he more or less has succeeded in gaining so called popular support and especially of Pakistani youth by striking the drum of "Change". His political party Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI), which until months before considered as a political party that can win only one seat all over Pakistan has shown significant improvement in changing its image in the political arena of the country. But here a very critical question underlying is that "Is the kind of Change Kaptaan "struggling" for, the change what actually the people of Pakistan want and need."
                                       In my opinion, the answer to this question for certain reasons is a big NO. The change that is needed to rectify the life conditions of our people in the actual sense has become a very sacred cause and to achieve this noble cause, the most essential requirement is forthrightness and an accord between sayings and actions. But Kaptaan hasn't got rid of the contradiction between his words and actions yet. On one hand, according to him he doesn't need winning horses for his movement and so called revolutionary change, but on the other hand, he does consider Shah Mehmood Qureshi his most adept pacer to get the powerful "Jayales" bowled out in Multan and similarly he does not hesitate to put his trust in Khawaja Muhammad Khan Hoti to play the Yorkers and speedy bouncers of present Khyber Pukhtunkhwa rulers in Mardan district in the field of coming elections. The examples of inducting such recycled players are too many all over Pakistan. Without considering their political careers and past innings, Kaptaan is very generous in providing some very "FAMOUS" players an opportunity to play in his team. Kaptaaan is also very bold in giving justification for his such generous behavior by defining it as a Tsunami that cannot be controlled. He also provides one other justification for inducting such people in his team that now he isn't refusing any body's request for becoming member of his party but later he will carry out a proper scrutiny before awarding tickets. Here I cannot understand the kind of scrutiny that will take place against those who after not getting ministries of their choice, not getting desirable party offices or not having a chance of getting party tickets for coming elections from their parties have joined him with the deal that they would be provided in PTI with what they were deprived in other parties. Furthermore, awarding the offices of vice chairman and head of party election comity to one who joined just a week before after enjoying an affluent ministry for three and a half years, isn't an apparent exploitation of those who remained party loyal in the times when it was quite ridiculous and humiliating when somebody used to call himself as a member of PTI, an only one seat party in those times.  From this, the motives of Kaptaan clearly implies that if he manages to get into Presidency or Prime Minister House, the "Change" will be achieved, no matter who is sitting in the assemblies and running the ministries. Here he completely ignores or tries to forget the fact that he won the world cup 92 with the combined efforts of the whole team, if he was the one alone performing he couldn't have won it. Not mere ruling but efficiently running a government requires efficient contribution on part of each and every responsible authority. Only having a hand full of legislatures who do not have a sense and spirit of serving sincerely won't bring change in true sense, rather it would be a change of mere faces in the Presidency and Prime Minister House. Remember Kaptaan, if you are going for such a change then kindly take pity on this nation because we have no more foreign accounts to freeze, no more people to bleed and no other East Pakistan to secede.

 About The Author: Muhammad Azhar Khan is currently studying Economics at Lahore University Of Management Sciences. Besides research in his own major subject, he is an advocate writer of Pakhtun Nationalism. He has publications on various global dynamic issues. His areas of interests include international political and diplomatic relations.

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