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Prostitution is “the world’s oldest profession”1. Though never encouraged, still it has made its routes to the 21st century. Its prolonged history depicts its intrinsic feature to be the integral part of human behavior. Nevertheless, it has always been the subject of subversion but statistically no major success has been achieved. It is due to the reason that it follows the principle of willingness to sell and demand. Which is the basis of an ideal business but unfortunately whenever the word ‘prostitution’ is coined all its negative connotations come into mind which is completely unjustifiable. Like the issue of morality which is presumably involved in it. Perhaps, this is not an issue at all because it seems to be an imposed perception when we analyze the morality in prostitution. In this paper we will see that prostitution is moral, matter of free will, good source of boosting the economy and hence should be legalized.
“The strongest argument against prostitution, no doubt, is its alleged immorality.  If this means no more than that most people think prostitution is immoral, that appears to be correct.  But if this is taken to mean prostitution actually is immoral, then an argument is required. Believing something doesn't make it true.  That the Sun revolves around the Earth, which is immovable, are examples of false beliefs that once were widely held”2.

Morality is a cultural construct that changes from place to place and time to time. What is moral in our country might not be considered moral in the neighboring country. So the point is, actions are classified as moral or immoral relative to the environmental factors in which they are being performed. Those factors might be family, religion and culture. Considering this issue a universal definition of the word ‘morality’ is required that can remain consistent throughout the realm of human civilization. In this regard many definitions have been presented about which actions should be considered right to be called as moral and which are not. “According to what is known as Deontological Moral Theory, actions are moral when they involve treating other persons with respect.  More formally expressed, it requires that other persons should always be treated as ends (as intrinsically valuable) and never merely as means (instrumentally)”3.This definition is more logical because it applies to all actions that people do. For instance, if the teacher teaches the students with honesty, his action is considered to be right. So is the case with students. If the student works according to the teacher’s instructions it is considered to be justified. So whenever there is a mutual action which has to be accomplished, mutual respect is required to be called as moral. Prostitution is a mutual action. There is no application of pressure or force to be called as immoral. It happens with the consensus of both the parties. Now this action could be called immoral if the John pays no money or the prostitute doesn’t accomplish the terms. So it is moral if it is carried out with mutual respect. This respect can only be guaranteed when prostitution is legalized. Because any discrepancy would be registered and action would be taken against. Right now, what happening is, the prostitutes are being raped, abused and maltreated in an extremely inhumane manner. And the dilemma is, the prostitutes can’t press charge against the rapists due to fear of being themselves charged. Because the authority won’t listen to them. Helping the prostitutes is considered to be immoral.
The fear of demoralization of human society has perpetuated the urge for anti-prostitution laws to be enforced. Well unluckily the issue has not only been poorly handled by these laws but also made many crimes and anti-social elements to propel. Like drug abusing, increasing STDs, human trafficking, raping and black marketing. it is happening and growing day by day. By implementing anti prostitution laws is like making a barrier in front of heavy flood which is continuously flowing. No matter how high you built the barrier the flood will fill up and ooze out one day or the other. So by replacing the anti-prostitution laws by the effective and properly channelized prostitution laws would give the flood of prostitution a harmless direction and would eventually separate the good from the bad. Right now the society is mixed up. Every bad thing is happening behind the veil. Recent statistics show that “India and Pakistan are the main destinations for children under 16 who are trafficked in south Asia”4. “Ninety-five per cent of the teenage prostitutes in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore were sexually abused by their close relatives, friends and teachers before they adopted the profession of granting sexual favors for payment, a new study has found”5 Now one might say that anti-prostitution law is promulgated to encounter these evils then how is this possible that the law itself encourage the menace which is made to abolish it. Well, unfortunately, it is true. If the anti-prostitution laws were effective then there would have been a drastic decline in its ratio. But we see the opposite of it and the reason can be found in Freud statement that “sexual suppression is the root of all evil”6.
Ironically speaking “Sex is legal and selling is legal, so why isn't selling sex legal? 7 Every human being has the right to choose what is best for him/her. And selling sex is a matter of choice. So making selling sex illegal not only contradicts the very doctrine of freedom but also suppress the free will which is the most valuable feature of human kind. If somebody wants to sell his or her body for money then it should be allowed. One might say that person who is selling her body for money might not know what is bad for her or she might not be aware of the consequences if she entered the prostitution industry. Well that argument doesn’t strongly hold because there is a minimum age law for it. So teenagers won’t be licensed and the adults would be able to make their own rational decision. How come a 21-years old girl won’t understand what is suitable for her and what is not? The answer could be seen in the irony that an adult is supposed to be old enough to decide for her future through voting but the same adult is addressed sensitively when she gets to decide for her own body.
Legalized prostitution would be an effective factor for generating revenue and boosting the economy. A certain amount of tax would be levied from the registered sex workers. For instance, in Germany where prostitution is legalized and the sex tax is generating millions of Euros of revenue. If we impose the same law here in our country then our economy would go up as well. Also this levied tax would be utilized to fight against many crimes like drug abuse, child abuse and human trafficking.
Thus we see that how our inclination to certain perceptions makes us blind to see the truth. As in the case of Prostitution which has always been blindly considered to be the most disgusting, immoral, mean and unethical human behavior. Well that can only be attributed to short sightedness and inflexibility to absorb the free-willed-paradigm of human civilization. Because we talk about freedom but still we make barriers in front of what people want. We talk about equality but still we are provoking the discrimination on the basis of profession. Human kind is different from all other creatures on the basis of cognition. Because we, the human being, can think, ponder and decide what is best for us. There is no external force needed to convert our behavior. So imposing flawed Anti-prostitution laws to mold our innate behaviors not only create the underground ills to grow but also tears down the freedom of individuality. In short prostitution is a matter of individual choice. Also by implementing sex tax the economy would flourish. This will be an effective source to fight against many social evils.

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