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August 1, 2009.Attack on army check post, three security personals injured.
August 1, 2009.Attack on army convoy in North Waziristan Agency, two soldiers died.
August 3, 2009. Suicide bomber arrested in Dera Ismail Khan.
August 15, 2009 Suicide attack at a check post in Swat, five killed. August 15, 2009. Two girls
Schools destroyed by militants.
August 17, 2009 Pickup blown up in a remote control bomb blast, seven civilians died on the spot.
August 18, 2009. Suicide attack on check post in Miranshah, seven died.
August 21, 2009.Janikhail Fort attacked by militants, 3 security personals injured.
August 26, 2009.Attack on army convoy in South Waziristan, 4 soldiers died including major.
August 27, 2009.Suicide attack in tehsildar’s office at Torkham in Khyber Agency, 18 khasadars
Died .
August 30, 2009.Suicide attack in Mingora kills 16 community policemen.
All these news are the front page headlines of Daily Mashriq of August 2009.One can easily count that in a single month of August 2009, there were three attacks on army, four suicide attacks on law enforcement authorities, one remote control blast, burning of two schools. These incidents happened in only in N.W.F.P.
These are the efforts which Taliban are doing to bring Islamic Revolution in Pakistan. Taliban continued these destructive activities since 2002 when Neik Muhammad provided asylum to foreign militants who left Afghanistan because of control of America on Afghanistan. They reorganized themselves under command of Neik Muhammad and started attacks on U.S forces and her allies including Pakistan. These deeds nothing but defamed Pakistan as a terrorist country. Taliban have not a single good deed on their account ,but destruction of bridges, roads, schools, governmental buildings, remote control bomb blasts, suicide attacks, slaughtering of innocent people and many more such brutal deeds.

Now here a question arises, Should we give free hand to Taliban that whatever they want? Are they allowed to do all brutality because they are doing all these for bringing Islamic revolution In Pakistan? The answer is quite clear that it is not the right path to choose for any group to attain its purposes because whenever any group tried to take weapons for its purposes failed in achieving its targets.
All uncertainty is created by Taliban in Pakistan. While they do cross border movements and they attack U.S forces and then come back to Pakistan for hidings and again plan for next attacks then U.S will ultimately attack those areas where there hideouts are located. To be honest U.S favored us giving the option to remove foreigners from the land of Pakistan, but when they were not satisfied by the steps taken by Pakistan against militants they started drone attacks where foreign militants were pointed out by intelligence reports. If a political leader of my country criticizes America for Drone attacks that these attacks are against of our national integrity and sovereignty, I want to ask him that what our people are doing while they go to Afghanistan and attack U.S forces. Are our tribesmen not challenging the integrity and sovereignty of America? Surely they are challenging it though we may not consider it as challenging but they surely consider it as such.
For information to  those who want dialogues with Taliban should be aware of the fact that before Operation Rah-e-Nijat three operations were ended in peace deals between Pakistan Army and Taliban. Despite of acting on these peace accords Taliban didn’t fulfilled the requirements of these pacts in which it was clearly stated that peace accords will be only applicable if local Taliban expel the foreigner militants from South Waziristan. But Taliban strengthened theirselves in the time of peace after these accords were signed. And again when they got ammunition and funds from foreign elements they over ruled these pacts.
If  Taliban claim that they are the real ones who feel sympathies for local people or for the people of Pakistan, let me ask them have they ever provided a single bottle of water or a piece of bread to any one of IDP’s ,the answer is absolutely negative. My political leaders make noise in assembly about Waziristan operation that it is totally against human rights I want to ask them what Taliban do is not human rights violation. If you people consider America as your enemy and every time you release a statement that America want to attack Pakistan, then is it not a folly that we are saving almost 5000 militants from America and we don’t care about 160 million people of Pakistan if America attacks Pakistan due to these militants present in Pakistan. I am not terrorizing anyone by giving such arguments, but the truth is that Pakistan’s maximum capability to fight with America is only of seven days. So is this wise to provide shelter to those militants or to save your own public.
Belonging to South Waziristan, I know, up to which level Taliban have knowledge of Islam. The members of Shuraa who also solve disputes of local tribesmen will favour you if you give them some crates of fruits and some packs of sweets or invite them to dinner because we ourselves won a tribal case just by bribing the members of Shuraa and all of them favored our family and we won that case against the whole village, this is the Taqwa standard (fear of Allah) of these muftis. An example to show that Taliban are working on foreign agenda is that last summer I went to South Waziristan, there I asked a militant commander that according to news reports you people get  financial aid and weapons from India, Israel and Russia. His answer was surprisingly shocking when he said that it is legal in Islam to get aid from non-Muslims(India, Israel, Russia) against those Muslims who support non-Muslims against second Muslim country. One of my friends, Zohaib Dawar of North Waziristan told me that he met a person who belonged to Russia and nowadays he embraced Islam and doing Jihad against Pakistan Army. This shows that different countries which want to destabilize Pakistan has sent their secret agents in disguise of Taliban. Another reason in favor of Waziristan operation is that all learned scholars never ever supported militancy in Pakistan. Moulana Hassan Jan and Moulana Sarfaraz Naeemi not only condemned suicide attacks but also declared suicide attacks as nonhuman behavior and for the same reason they were killed by target killing and suicide attack  respectively. They were targeted by men of Baitullah Mehsud, who died in a drone attack on 5th August2009, who just studied religious education till fifth grade. It is quite clear to every Pakistani that Taliban are not fighting for Islam nor is their aim to bring Islamic revolution in Pakistan. In order to bring peace, to bring back the hustle and bustle to lives of all Pakistani nation, to bring happiness to those who lost their beloved ones in suicide attacks, bomb blasts, to make our country safer from foreign conspiracies against us and our nuclear programme it is necessary to do full fledge operation in South Waziristan and it should continue till last militant is there on the soil of South Waziristan. It is the time when we all should stand unite against militancy and to uproot this evil from the base. Writing in favor of Waziristan operation is a difficult job for me because it is my dear homeland and it is burning in fire of bullets and bombs, it is trembling from bombardment of fighter jets but Taliban left the government with no other option because they are spreading like cancer in our society and country. To save other parts from being infected it is necessary to do operation of that part which has got tumor.

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